The British Association for Martial Arts

Welcome to the Martial Arts Group for all styles in the UK!

The B.A.M.A. is a multi-style governing body.  Our members include practitioners of Karate, Judo, Iaido, Aikido, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and TaiChi Chuan.

Membership is open to groups and individuals seeking support and advice in an open-minded and respectful atmosphere.

Whilst the B.A.M.A. has no desire to interfere with the running of individual clubs, it does ensure that members adhere to the Standards and Practices laid out for safety and professionalism.

BAMA seminar

If you are searching for a martial arts club, we recommend you use one of our members.

B.A.M.A. provides guidance on running a club, making sure that the instructors are teaching efficiently and are insured, with valid licences.

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The Path of martial arts training varies from place to place, from instructor to instructor, and from style to style.  There are many associations out there, and it is important that each instructor finds the right place for their club and their own development.

The BAMA seniors are there as a technical resource for our members.  There will be associations with instructors who teach Shotokan or Wado Ryu; Kung Fu or Ju jutsu who do things very differently from us.  Within BAMA you will find a high degree of practicality that goes beyond the restrictions of style.  However, we also love our traditions.  We love the martial arts and our research and our own paths have taken us through a development that has to be experienced to be judged.

We get plenty of enquiries from groups who want to joinus, but unless you have trained with us and experienced our way fo doing things there is no basis for judging us.  Come and train.  If you like what we do then please join us.

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